Neahtid Investor

Series Seed Venture Round Open

Neahtid is a R&D company in the Wireless Energy Industry, in a $10MM Market for 2022 and already has the support of the Chilean Government through the accelerator program Start-Up Chile, and a collaboration agreement with one of the most prestigus Science and Enginering University in LatinAmerica and the world.

We already have lined up 50% of the round and are looking for the remaining 50%. The investor should be able to understand how profitable Neahtid will become in long term, and how a Research and Developments company runs. We trully beleive that our company will achive huge things working with smart partners and collaborators.

Please fill in this form in order to schedule a meeting, after the proper due dillingence we will be able to provide more details about the company and current Round of Investment.

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