Neahtid Investor

Series Seed Venture Round Open

Neahtid is a R&D company in the Wireless Energy Industry, in a $10MM Market for 2022 with the support of the Chilean Government and one of the most prestigus Science and Enginering University in LatinAmerica

We are looking for an Angel Investor who is able to understand how profitable Neahtid will become in long term, and how a Research and Developments company runs. We trully beleive that Neahtid is able to achive huge things working with the smart and kind partners and collaborators.

We are seeking for one Angel Investors to invest $500,000 USD of a round of $1,000,000 USD and we will provide investors having an interest in partnering Neahtid with Proformas, Business Plan, Financial proyections and details about current Round of Investment.