"Software and Hardware solutions that break technology barriers"

Helping our boutique partners since 2001 to research and develop Hardware and Software applications for high demand infrastructures.

Where ideas become reality

We have the skills for Research and Development in Software and Hardware projects with quality and security standards used by Big Techs and financial industries.

Carefully Designed and Engineered for you

Software and Hardware Engineering

We research, design and build software and hardware solutions, products and technologies that range from Progressive Web Applications (PWA) for Payment Integrations in Software, to controlling and monitoring Home Security and Automation in Hardware.

Neahtid quality philosophy:

Eco-Human-Friendly Solutions.

Inspiring Designs.

Enhancing User Experiences.

Sustainable Innovations & Efficiency.

On the cutting edge of technology

We cover software and hardware development of highly technological products and applications to help boutique partners.


  • Full Security consultancy.
  • Cloud SysOp.
  • CD/CI.
  • CDN & DBA.
  • Firewalls.
  • Payment Gateways.
  • LLM Deployments.
  • Database Design, Deploy and Administration.
Neahtid SysOp Development


  • UX/UI Tablets and Smartphones.
  • Progresive Web Applications (PWA).
  • Payment integrations.
  • Fine-Tuning / LLM Reasoning.
  • Javascript and Python
  • Data Science Analysis.
  • SQL and no-SQL Databases.
Neahtid Software Development


  • Hardware Security Systems.
  • Wireless Charging solutions.
  • Home Automation.
  • Low and High Resolution MVPs.
  • Remote Hardware Controlling.
  • Microcontroller Rrogramming.
  • TX/RX Signal Analysis.
Neahtid Hardware Development

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