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Neahtid offers wireless charger solutions to businesses seeking to provide their customers and guests with easy, quick and efficient charging solutions for mobile devices.

Our solutions are based on the principle of electromagnetic induction described in centuries-old mathematical formulas that consider equations of great scientists such as N. Tesla, Maxwell, André-Marie Ampere, Gauss, among others. Some of our solutions, especially those for short distance are based – not exclusively – on the Qi Standard from the Wireless Power Consortium, but in general we include own studies of the wireless transfer of energy, especially in those that reach a greater distance of charge.

Our Products are wireless energy chargers for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and any low consumption device that use electricity, covering enough radius to charge within a room or office.

Our added value is offering charge devices faster, are innocuous, cover larger range of charge, improve the user experience and provide an easy access to low consumption energy avoiding that the customer bring with himself a wired charger all the time.


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